Prodution Capability


  No.  ItemsTechnical Capabilities
1PCB and LayersRigid PCB, Rigid - Flex PCB, 2-20 layers
2MaterialsFR4, FR5, High Tg, CEM3, Rogers, Aluminum Base
3Surface    HAL, Lead Free Hal, Flash Gold, Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Gold Fingers, OSP   
4Max Board Size450 mm ×1200 mm
5Min Board Thickness4 Layers: 0.4mm(16mil)
6 Layers: 0.8mm(32mil)
8 Layers: 1.2 mm (48mil)
10 Layers: 1.6mm (64mil)
6Min Line Width0.10mm (4mil)
7Min Line Spacing0.10mm (4mil)
8Min Hole Size0.20mm (8mil) (Also Blind/Buried holes)
9PTH Hole Size Tolerance±0.076mm (±3mil)
10  NPTH Hole Size Tolerance  ±0.05mm (±2mil)
11Hole Position Tolerance±0.05mm (±2mil)
12Min S/M Pitch0.10mm (4mil)
13Twist and Bent≤0.75%
14Aspect Ratio12:1
15Electric Strength≥30KV / mm
Peel Strength≥1.4 N / mm
17Solder Mask Abrasion≥6 H
18Thermal Stress288℃/20Sec.
20Test Voltage50-300 V

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